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Insights #4 –  Dashboard, Report- & Forecasting

The preparation of reports and forecasts on the current and/or future status of sponsorship & hospitality marketing/sale for the club management (executive management, board of directors) and the committees (supervisory board, executive committee) is one of the regular to-do's (usually even several times a month) of the B2B marketing/sale teams of professional sports clubs.

In the course of this, the employees responsible for this are faced with the challenge that they often do not have access to a daily updated dashboard, reporting or forecasting from which they can read out the essential key figures of B2B marketing for the current or the coming season(s) in the shortest possible time. 

True, the club's finance department may have finance-oriented accounting or controlling tools in place, and some B2B marketing/sale teams may use a CRM system that provides various metrics on lead management or offer inventory. But sponsorship-specific data, such as...

...inventory details:

  1. What is the current inventory value?

  2. What is the percentage of utilization?

  3. Which inventory value is already sold, currently still available or included in promising offers?

...revenue details:

  1. What is the current difference between planned & actual revenue?

  2. What is the revenue forecast for the coming season?

  3. What is the revenue forecast for the coming season in the event of promotion/relegation?

  4. What is the cash/barter share in terms of value?

  5. What is the share of achieved bonuses in the actual revenue? details:

  1. What is the average percentage discount granted on signed contracts?

...or contract details:

  1. What is the percentage of expiring contracts?

  2. How many contracts have an automatic renewal option?

  3. How many contracts have been terminated by partners?

  4. How many contracts are valid in case of promotion/relegation in the coming season, if necessary even in another league?

…cannot usually be mapped with the help of a system. And so the answers to the questions raised can usually only be found in confusing and complex inventory and price lists as well as tabular sponsor and contract overviews.

Consequently, the task of the marketing/sale teams is to screen countless lists and various tabular overviews in order to manually compile the relevant information in regular reports and forecasts.

Even though routines have certainly been created over time for this process, this creation - especially in the course of the annual licensing of the leagues - is associated with a high expenditure of time and resources. Furthermore, there is a risk that the complexity and incompleteness of the various lists and other data sources may mean that important revenue potential remains hidden, or that relevant data is (or can be) reported incorrectly or not at all.

The bottom line is not only a loss of efficiency in the marketing/sale team, but in the worst case, the club even lacks elementary KPIs to continuously improve its own sale performance.


State-of-the-Art Reporting & Forecasting with SponsoRights

By consolidating all B2B marketing/sale data on a digital platform and the automated creation of a daily updated dashboard & forecasting, SponsoRights provides a remedy.


Thus, the users of the Sponsoring Management System receive a daily updated overview of all sponsoring relevant data. In addition to further analysis & filter functions from the individual system areas (inventory/asset, offer, partner & contract as well as implementation management), an automated state-of-the-art reporting & forecasting can be established for the club management and committees, so that the marketing/sale team can be optimally controlled and the staff can spend more time on acquisition and partner management at the same time.


The SponsoRights dashboard & reporting solution at a glance

  • All relevant KPIs always up-to-date and automated at a glance

  • Extensive filter & analysis functions in the individual system areas

  • Sponsorship-specific information on inventory, revenue & contract details

  • Overview of utilization, premiums & discounts

  • Insight into the offer development & the forecast for the selected season

  • Automatically usable for all leagues and seasons

Have we sparked your interest? Then book your personal demo now and you will soon be able to access your club’s own dashboard and establish an automated and cross-seasonal state-of-the-art reporting & forecasting in your club:

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