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The Sponsoring Management System for Professional Sport

SponsoRights has been developed by Sales Experts for sport companies


Within SponsoRights you archive all your inventory for sale with capacities and prices, customer data and agreements


By this you are able to gain and keep the awareness of your inventory, identify sales opportunities and steer your sales to grow your revenue

Features / Basics

Management of Assets / Inventory

•          Capture / record assets for sales

•          Define prices and maximum discounts

•          Steer the sale of available assets

•          Manage packages and bonuses
•          Optimize matchday sales
•          Make inventory details visible


Keep Partners & Agreements in view

•      Gain awareness of active customers, 

        contracts and corresponding revenues

•       Complete customer information

•       Detailed information about agreements

•       Alerts regarding contracts shortly before


•       Ensure automatic prolongation of


•       Comprehensive filter possibilities

•       Collect and control data for invoices:

        dates, instalments, payment terms, ..)

•       Draft individual templates for invoices

•       Automatic creation of invoices at the

        push of a button

•       Get the full picture about invoicing and

         payment status: invoice to be created,

•       invoice sent, paid in time, payment


Offers & Sales

•           Easy overview about sent offers

•          Optimised coordination of the sales


•          Allocation of Leads to Sellers

•          Tracking of sales performance &

            probability of closings

•          Easy conversations from offers into



Dashboard & Reporting

•          Keep all relevant KPIs in mind and be

            able to take decisions

•          Individual filter and analysis features

•          Specific reports for management and

           the board

•         See Revenue Actual vs. Plan, Cash and


•          Success Premiums and  Discounts

•          See Revenue Forecast vs. Plan and the

           development of sales activities

•          See sold and available for sales


•          Evaluation of customers by KPIs


Doc-Creator for offers and contracts

•         Draft and save your individual


•         Automatic draft of offers and contracts

•         Export contracts at the push of a button

•         Centralised archive for signed  contracts

•         Huge time saving & increase of

           efficiency for the sales team

Interface: API to and from SponsoRights

•        SponsoRights can import and export

          data via a standardized REST-API

•         Easy connection of SponsoRights to any

           IT program being CRM, ERP or

           accounting system

•         The interface ensures cross department

           digitalisation and automatic data


•         Avoidance of manual and duplicate

           work across the club

•         Optimal support of the integrated sale


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