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New SponsoRights-Feature - Doc-Creator for offers and contracts

SponsoRights is expanding the functionality of its sponsorship management system with an innovative tool:

With the Doc-Creator, SponsoRights-users can now create a sponsorship offer or a complete sponsorship contract in seconds and completely automatically.

Clubs do not have to use a prescribed standard template, but can deposit their own offer and contract templates with individual text modules.

The tool analyses the respective offer or contract data record and creates the finished offer or contract document completely automatically. After signing, the document can be uploaded into the newly integrated document archive.

With the Doc-Creator, users can now save themselves the manual writing of the many sponsorship contracts or offers and gain time for sales, partner management/implementation or other important marketing and sales tasks.

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Are you interested in getting to know SponsoRights better and would like to find out what else is behind functions such as the innovative Doc-Creator? Then let's discuss together how our Sponsorship Management System can support you in your daily marketing and sales work. Book your personal demo now:

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