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New partnership with ERC Ingolstadt

We are pleased to welcome ERC Ingolstadt as a new partner and user on the SponsoRights platform. With ERCI, we are expanding our partner portfolio in ice hockey with another ambitious club from the PENNY DEL.

For Daniel Lang, Director of Sales at ERCI, SponsoRights is the ideal solution for identifying and leveraging potential in B2B marketing:

„With its innovative platform, SponsoRights offers me and my team ideal support in marketing & sales our advertising and hospitality rights. Its optimized rights management, for example, enables us to identify existing and additional B2B marketing potential based on data and integrate it into the sales process in a targeted manner. In addition, detailed contract management enables us to point out relevant growth opportunities for our existing partners as well as increasing revenue from new sponsors. We are delighted that with SponsoRights we have a system that is 100 per cent geared towards the B2B marketing needs of professional sports clubs and with which we can ensure the next step for further growth in our B2B marketing revenue.“

„We are pleased that with ERC Ingolstadt we have been able to convince another Ice Hockey Bundesliga club of the benefits of our sponsorship management system and are now supporting the club in maintaining complete control over all existing sponsorship assets, identifying data-based growth potential and actively and efficiently managing the sales process for sustainable revenue growth. We would like to thank Daniel Lang and his team for the trust they have shown us and we are looking forward to continuing our collaboration", says SponsoRights Co-Founder and Managing Director Marvin Blech about the new partnership with ERC Ingolstadt.

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