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New partnership with HSG Bensheim/Auerbach Flames

We are pleased to welcome the HSG Bensheim/Auerbach Flames as a new partner and user on the SponsoRights platform. With the Flames we are expanding our circle of partners into the german woman’s handball Bundesliga.


As a Bensheim based company we are also proud gaining a club from the immediate vicinity who will play on european level in the coming season.

For Michael Geil, Managing Director of the Flames, the implementation of SponsoRights is an important step towards increasing efficiency and optimizing revenue in marketing::

„Sponsorship sales are the club's largest revenue pillar. In order to grow these revenues sustainably, we are dependent on both creating new assets for sale and generating further revenue from the existing asset portfolio with the current partners and contracts. On the one hand, this year's qualification for the European League creates opportunities for further revenue growth for us, but also means increasing challenges for us as a team in the already complex sponsorship work, since the number of salable assets is increasing again. With the investment in SponsoRights, we now have a system at our side that, despite the expansion of the inventory, enables us to work more efficiently and at the same time helps us to better identify and develop revenue chances in our most important revenue segment.“

„The qualification for the European League marks on one hand one of the greatest successes in the club's history for the Flames and opens up new growth chances for the Flames in sponsorship marketing and sales. We are very pleased that Michael Geil and his team have recognized the potential of an efficient and revenue-enhancing sponsoring management and that we can support them in their daily work with SponsoRights. As a Bensheim company, we are happy that we were able to win the sporting flagship of the region and are grateful for the trust the Flames have placed in us. For the upcoming season and the first European paticipation, we wish them the greatest possible success on and off the field of handball", say SponsoRights Co-Founder & Managing Director Dr. Thomas Pröckl to the new partnership with the Flames.


Dr. Thomas Pröckl (Co-Founder & Managing Director SponsoRights, left) and Michael Geil (Managing Director Auerbacher Handball Sport & Marketing GmbH) looking forward to a successful cooperation.

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